EPMA _DRM_Conversion

Steps to migrate the Metadata from Hyperion EPMA HFM application to DRM for HFM 11.2.x applications.


Export HFM application Metadata using the EPMA File Generator Utility. Generally installed under EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\products\Foundation\BPMA\EPMAFileGenerator\bin\EPMAFileGenerat or.exe

Provide HFM application details.

Click Execute


The ADS file (EPMAS) generated by utility is a multi-section format file, generally consisting of several sections. This file needs to be converted to DRM consumable format. File location E:\EPMA_Files


Modify the exported metadata file using the ADS file conversion utility Provided by Oracle                 https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/PatchDetail?patchId=30695700


Download the patch p30695700_112000_MSWIN-x86-64

Setup the Java bin path using below command.

E:\p30695700_112000_MSWIN-x86-64>set Path=E:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk1.8.0_181\bin

Before running the Java program compile using below command.

E:\p30695700_112000_MSWIN-x86-64\src>javac ADS_DRM.java


EPMA to DRM Conversion


Run the utility with define source and target file locations.

java ADS_DRM E:\EPMA_Files\EPMAS.ads E:\EPMA_Files\EPMAS_DRM.txt >FXIPRD_Output.txt

Command { Source file location  }{ Target DRM file Location }{Includes details on dimension and hierarchy section headers}

EPMA to DRM migration

Use this EPMAS_DRM file as Import file for DRM.

EPMA to DRM migration

EPMAS_output file provides dimension and hierarchy sections details as well to create Import Profile in DRM.


Create an application in DRM using the Supplied HFM template

Imported the converted EPMAS_DRM.txt file to DRM using Import profiles. Use DRM to make changes to application Metadata which can be exported and loaded to 11.2 HFM application.


Contact us and we would love to share our experience with Oracle EPM cloud and Hyperion 11.2 installations and upgrades. Please email at info@astralsg.com to learn more about our experience with moving EPMA metadata to DRM for HFM in Hyperion 11.2.x.