Profitability & Cost Reporting

Profitability & Cost Reporting

Finding new ways to manage your Profitability and Cost Reporting!

You need Profitability and Cost Reporting solution if you have following challenges:

  • Are you under great pressure to improve performance?
  • Do you need more visibility of what drives Revenue, Cost and Profit?
  • Do you need accurate, reliable and timely reports to make informed business Decisions?

Here are some measurable benchmarks we can help you meet:

  • Obtain a greater comprehensive financial analysis, based on a fully allocated resource use and revenue/profit detail that cannot be determined from the general ledger.
  • Correlate revenue and costs with specific customers, products, services, channels, and locations.
  • More useful Executive reporting without consuming more time
  • Probe ever deeper into your financial data—beyond statutory, black-and-white, gross-margin financial statements.
  • Look at many more aspects; a multitude of attributes, combined with the detail of true costs and revenues, culminating in pro-forma projections for future-period financial results.
  • Align, allocate, and calculate for a very distinct view of how profits are made. Astral Solutions Group profit- and cost-management solutions enable organizations to build, maintain, and analyze cost allocations and automatically calculate the cost, profit, and other KPIs and whether a monetary investment is required.
  • Astral Solutions Groups work with this process and is often referred to as profitability and cost management.

If you feel you have poor visibility into line-of-business (LOB) profit and loss, and can’t identify inefficiencies and trends in time, or where process improvements can and should be made, then it may be a time to schedule a No Obligation Consultation with us.

What’s in it for YOU!

  • Visibility into Revenue, Costs and detail key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Access to Accurate, reliable and timely reporting to make informed business decisions.
  • Intelligent rationalization – profitable and unprofitable products/services/ customers.
  • Maximize company profit potential and gain control of costs by understanding the root cause of high costs and low revenue.
  • Discover hidden inefficiencies and address them.
  • Provide financial analyses to determine whether an entity is stable, liquid, solvent and where cash flow can be increased or decreased
  • Create initiatives that improve profitable revenue growth, minimize cost to serve, and prioritize capital expenditures relative to ROI in the short and long term.
  • Better manage expenses by understanding what drives them through horizontal and vertical analysis
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in as they can clearly see how amounts were allocated.
  • Achieve confidence in reporting and employee performance and satisfaction.


How you Achieve It!

  • Through Sales and Cost profitability reporting
  • Cost Center Reporting
  • Functional Area Reporting
  • Multi-Currency Reporting
  • Consolidated Reporting – data from different ERP or data sources
  • Allocation Methodologies and Calculations
  • KPIs and Statistical Calculations
  • Variance Analysis Reporting
  • Automating processes and reporting packages
  • KPIs and Statistical Calculations
  • Variance Analysis Reporting
  • Automating processes and reporting packages
  • Products: Oracle Hyperion Essbase, EPM Cloud PCMCS

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“I have known Devinder for more than 10 years and she and her team is our go-to person for Hyperion, SQL Server, and Custom Software Development projects. My trust and confidence in her ability to deliver are why I always engage Devinder and her team for my Hyperion, SQL Server or Custom software development projects. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to establish a long-term partner relationship! ”
Barbara Lewis, VP of IT
”We found Astral Solution Group to be the perfect mix of technical expertise and individual client attention. Astral Solution Group demonstrated a nearly endless capacity to address numerous technical, political and budgetary constraints within our organization with flexible and unique technical solutions.”
Benjamin Turner, Senior Finance Lead Orica - Mining Services Company

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