Oracle Essbase is the contemporary leading multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) server, providing an upscale environment for efficaciously developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

Hyperion Essbase Smart View
Multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) provides a three-dimensional database platform upon that you’ll build analytic applications. Features of Essbase Smart View

  • Speed-of-thought analysis for thousands of synchronous users.
  • Easily accessible for end users to consume data via spreadsheets.
  • Write-Back proficiency of data and robust calculation engine.
  • Enterprise-level user base scalability.
  • Exceptional Performance & Optimized Storage.
  • Quite easy to develop, deploy and maintenance.
  • Stand Alone Application to waive off spreadsheet reporting.

Why Choose Oracle Hyperion Financial Essbase

  • Essbase reviews and analyze business scenarios in best possible way, It also examines cost, revenues, payables issues very effective and efficiently. More over Financial Essbase develops KPI’s which discovers business trends and understand results in deeper way.
  • Essbase also reduces cost through improved transparency in the numbers. Errors, data entry, control risk, reporting times, departmental overload is also reduced drastically.
  • Essbase refines Reporting, accounting and review process. In depth analytics for processes, performance and controls are also redefined.
  • ROI enhances with quick implementation time and numerous out of the box calculations. Scalability and company integration is also enhanced with Oracle Hyperion Financial Essbase.

Essbase Advantages

Essbase (“Extended Spread Sheet database “features an OLAP Database (On-Line Analytical Processing) and is commonly used to:

  • Provide real-time analytic frame work for business intelligence and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications.
  • Incorporate multiple sources of diverse data, analyze the summarized data and perform data modeling and prognostic analysis.
  • Assess to Historical data, Performance flow, profit metrics and exchange impact on results
  • The Essbase database is taken into account a “cube”, with every cube axis representing a unique dimension, or slice of the data (accounts, time span, commodity etc).

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