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How Can Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Empower Leaders?

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How Can Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Empower Leaders? Introduction Effective leadership is crucial for organizations to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. With the advent of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), leaders can now access powerful tools and strategies that can significantly enhance their decision-making

10 Biggest Mistakes in EPM Implementation

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Introduction Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is crucial in helping organizations achieve their strategic goals and make informed decisions. However, the implementation process can be complex and challenging, leading to various mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of EPM initiatives. This article will explore the

Making the Business Case for Cloud-Based Planning and Reporting

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The Power of Cloud-Based Planning and Reporting: A Strong Business Case Introduction: Organizations need efficient and effective tools to streamline their planning and reporting processes in today's fast-paced business environment. Traditional on-premises solutions often need to meet these demands, leading businesses to explore alternative options.

Tax Reporting(TRC) in Oracle Cloud EPM

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Tax Reporting(TRC) in Oracle Cloud EPM: A Comprehensive Solution for Efficient and Accurate Tax Compliance Introduction: Tax reporting is a crucial aspect of financial management for businesses across the globe. It entails gathering, computing, and submitting tax-related data to meet regulatory obligations. As a result,

What is Narrative Reporting (NR) in Oracle Cloud EPM?

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Narrative reporting in Oracle Cloud EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) is a feature that allows organizations to create and distribute highly formatted and interactive reports to their stakeholders. It makes it possible to provide visually appealing and instructive information and integrates financial and non-financial data with

What is EPC or EPBCS – Enterprise Planning?

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Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, often known as EPC or EPBCS, is a potent tool that aids businesses in managing their planning and budgeting procedures more successfully and successfully. With the help of the cloud-based EPBCS system, businesses can streamline collaboration, automate budgeting

What is Financial Consolidation and Closing Service (FCCS)

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The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite's Financial Close and Consolidation Service (FCCS) is a cloud-based application created for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. It is a comprehensive financial consolidation and reporting platform that enables enterprises to manage and combine financial data

HFM EPMA Metadata Conversion to DRM for HFM 11.2.x

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Steps to migrate the Metadata from Hyperion EPMA HFM application to DRM for HFM 11.2.x applications. Step1: Export HFM application Metadata using the EPMA File Generator Utility. Generally installed under EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\products\Foundation\BPMA\EPMAFileGenerator\bin\EPMAFileGenerat or.exe Provide HFM application details. Click Execute The ADS file (EPMAS) generated

Oracle Hyperion 11.2 Installation Feedback and Lessons learned

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      Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products are used by companies from more than last 3 decades for finance processes. Oracle is ending support for Hyperion in December 2021.  There are two options available for companies. Companies can move to

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