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HFM EPMA Metadata Conversion to DRM for HFM 11.2.x

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Steps to migrate the Metadata from Hyperion EPMA HFM application to DRM for HFM 11.2.x applications. Step1: Export HFM application Metadata using the EPMA File Generator Utility. Generally installed under EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\products\Foundation\BPMA\EPMAFileGenerator\bin\EPMAFileGenerat or.exe Provide HFM application details. Click Execute The ADS file (EPMAS) generated

Oracle Hyperion 11.2 Installation Feedback and Lessons learned

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      Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products are used by companies from more than last 3 decades for finance processes. Oracle is ending support for Hyperion in December 2021.  There are two options available for companies. Companies can move to

Why Do You Need an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solution?

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Operating your business becomes more complicated as you grow. Eventually, your management processes become unwieldy and reduce your ability to respond suitably to a rapidly changing business environment. Implementing a system to connect your strategy, plans, execution, and performance analysis will keep your business competitive

6 Considerations When Buying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Software!

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In today’s volatile market, businesses are characterized by technological advancements, economic uncertainty and strong competition, global expansion, demanding customers, rigid reporting requirements, and analysis. With these competitive pressures and market demands, companies are constantly seeking to differentiate themselves by developing effective strategies and directives. One


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Are you considering an Oracle cloud-based planning solution then you have two choices: PBCS and EPBCS “What is the difference between PBCS and EPBCS?” We are frequently asked this question. I would like to go over features and functionality in both solutions. PBCS and EPBCS

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