Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARC)

Account Reconciliation Cloud

Purpose-built solution in the Cloud designed to manage the global reconciliation process!

Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud provides real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations, ensuring that all reconciliations prepared are properly qualified. It also helps companies streamline and optimize performance by automating certain reconciliation tasks, including high volume transactional reconciliations. Account Reconciliation Cloud includes two modules: Reconciliation Compliance and Transaction Matching.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Efficiently manage and improve global account reconciliation by exploiting automation and comprehensively addressing security and risk typically associated with the process.
  • Improved finance staff efficiencies through automation of key reconciliation functions
  • Reduced frequency of reconciliation without compromising accuracy or increasing risk
  • Collaboration assists getting reconciliations done quickly and accurately
  • Clear responsibilities and timescales
  • Shrink the time it takes for the financial close
  • Trust and reliability that the numbers are accurate
  • No need to change existing systems
  • Peace of mind that important, confidential data is only visible to authorized users

Reconciliation Compliance Key Features:

  • Balance integration using with a variety of ERP systems
  • Mapping features to summarize low-level balances to the level appropriate for reconciliation
  • Configurable auto reconciliation rules based on user-defined filters
  • Easy to use features for maintaining reconciliation assignments, including mass update and import capabilities
  • Configurable frequencies and unlimited levels of approval
  • Flexible formats adaptable to each type of account
  • Powerful filtering and reporting capabilities

Transaction Matching Key Features:

  • Auto match engine capable of matching more than a million transactions a minute
  • User friendly interactive matching for confirming suggested matches and creating manual matches
  • Flexible matching rules supporting 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to 1, and many to many rule types
  • Robust data enrichment and normalization functions improve match success rate
  • Automated adjustment creation based on variance values
  • Period-end balancing reports provide evidence of reconciliation at a point in time and satisfy compliance requirements

Our Services:

  • New implementations of Account Reconciliation Cloud.
  • Account Reconciliation Cloud migration or upgrades. 
  • Conversion from on- premise Account Reconciliation Manager module to Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud.
  • Integrations for large-scale mergers and acquisitions.  
  • Redesigns of existing Account Reconciliation Cloud/PBCS/EPBCS applications to provide enhanced functionality.
  • Integrate Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service with  existing cloud or on-premises ERP systems.
  • Maintenance and Managed Support Services.

Our Portfolio of Clients Includes

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • REIT
  • Mining and Mining Services
  • Banking/Finance
  • Information Technology/Digital
  • Engineering
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Government


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